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Video has seen a big boom since the inception of platforms like YouTube and Snapchat in web 2.0, but till now no platform has been built around the concept of opinion of it’s users (Video Format). That is where Wishfie, a new budding social media platform fills the gap as it’s built around users opinions.

Wishfie Social Media App
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Let’s start from the beginning, where did this idea come from?

“Founded by ex-Facebook, ex-Jio, University of California and NSIT alumni, Wishfie is a Bengaluru based start-up that has created a platform for people to express their opinions on various topics. It is one of the first social video companies from India that’s aims at providing a platform for everyone on the planet to share their opinions, ensuring everyone can participate in shaping the world of tomorrow.” -Extract from Wishfie.com

Why Wishfie?

Wishfie is a video social network that empowers people to share their opinions using their phone camera. Unlike Q&A apps, there’s no right or wrong answer on Wishfie, all opinions count! Wishfie’s goal is to give power to people to participate in shaping the world of tomorrow by voicing their opinions on things that matter to them.

Wishfie is also the best way to understand people by knowing how they think about different things. There’s no other platform that brings out the “real you”, your most authentic self than Wishfie.

Wishfie Social Media App
©️ Copyright Wishfie – Video Collaboration Inc.

That was a lot of good words from me, you know that doesn’t usually happen.

Now here’s a list of things I like and don’t like about this App after using it for over one week.

Things I Liked

  • It’s Ad Free, at least for Now
  • I know that there’s a full chance that Ad’s will get involved at some point of time, but at present it’s only things and people I care about. And trust me it so good to see only people, after a long time (coughs *Facebook*).

  • Clean and Simple UI
  • Although I’m not a fan of the purple colour used (actually in general as well, Purple just isn’t my colour), I do like how simple it is to find your friends and other good creators on the platform (By the way you can find me at @vishrantkhanna #shamelessplug 😎).

  • They don’t mess up the Order of Posts
  • Opinions and topics are very time sensitive so chronological order matters a lot here. It’s makes life so easy and ends up in me interacting more with the content.

  • The Slambook Feature
  • It’s quite interesting to learn what your friends think about you. I think this feature was enough to get me on this App.

That’s was the things I liked. Now, every product has some good and some bad features.

Here’s a list of things I wish should get improved.

Things I didn’t Like

  • Not a lot of content to consume
  • I get it that it’s a new platform and it’s take time to get good content creators on your platform. But if there’s no content to consume you don’t really have a choice but to switch platforms.

  • You can’t add a text Bio
  • Although you do can upload a video as your bio under a topic, but still there’s something about the text bio’s that make you want to follow particular individuals. Please add this feature. Please.

  • Why can’t I share my video on other Platforms?
  • This one is pretty serious and I’m not going to not have this feature taken for granted. it’s a plus-plus situation, for both the platform and creator. If I or you go and share our video on Instagram or any other platform Wishfie get’s more exposure.

    Musically is a perfect example of an app that leveraged Instagram’s Audience and audiences from other platform to built a community of active and engaging users (By the way you can find me on Musically at @vishrantkhanna #shamelessplug 😎 again 🙃).

  • No Categories
  • Although, I do love the chronological order, but I think adding the ability to add tags or category on a video upload would be great. Plus if I can follow topics without commenting or uploading my opinion that would be a welcome feature.


Let’s get to it. Should you join Wishfie or not?

You should.

See all the things I didn’t like can be improved over the upcoming updates. Also, as much as I know this is the first social media platform coming out of India, and I’m ready to support a fellow Indian trying to push boundaries.

Download Wishfie Here: http://bit.ly/Wishfie-GBI
Download Wishfie Here: http://bit.ly/Wishfie-GBI-ios

Here’s a Video to help you with the installation of the app.

Hey! Do leave your experience after using the app in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Wishfie, Your Opinion Matters! | App Review

  • April 7, 2018 at 3:10 AM

    I think by not being able to add a bio nor being able to share your video on other platforms is what makes Wishfie authentic. There’s not a “look at me, look at me” platform which causes other sites to lose it’s luster. It’s just everyday people sharing their opinion on a topic without judgement and if you really favor someone else’s opinion, you can share their opinion to other platforms. As the site grows I fear it may lose a lot of the character that makes the site so different and great.

    • April 7, 2018 at 9:35 PM

      Hey! You have a good point, but there are a few fundamentals every platform needs to follow to call it a social platform. And I just listed some things Wishfie can incorporate to improve; and they’ve made some of these changes.


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