Should You Skin Your Phone?|GadgetShieldz One Plus Premium Skin Review

Every phone today is a glass sandwich, making their look premium and feel in the hand solid.

But, with great beauty comes great responsibility. (Totally didn’t steal this line from Spider-Man 🙃).

It’s easier than ever before to scratch the glass back or break the screen of your phone.

To the rescue comes skins and cases!

Although few people are against the idea of using a case or a skin, personally I like using both of them simultaneously.

I want to keep the resale value of my device high so that I can trade it in for a good discount of the purchase price.

Recently I have been testing the skins and screen protectors from GadgetShieldz.

GadgetShieldz sent me the full back Black Camoflaunt with Sandstone Yellow Logo skin for the OnePlus 6 and Ultra Clear Screen Protector for the body and screen for Honor 9N.

After testing them extensively for over a month, here are some pros and cons:



  1. Skins give you the ability to infinitely customise your phone’s look.
  2. It adds extra grip onto ever more slippery phones.
  3. No more minor scratches that you get from daily use.


  1. It’s difficult to apply perfectly, somehow there is always a portion that doesn’t flush properly, and it starts chipping off.
  2. Good skins are expensive, period.

If you think you should use a skin on your phone you can check out skins from GadgetShieldz.

Here’s how to apply a Skin properly:

Screen and Body Protectors


  1. It adds extra grip onto slippery glass sandwich phones.
  2. No more scratches from dust particles.
  3. Value for money.


  1. Applying screen protectors can sometimes be a pain, the air bubbles are your enemy.
  2. Good quality screen protectors are expensive, period.
  3. The feel of the premium screen goes away.

If you want to buy good quality screen protectors look no further, Gadget Shieldz has some good screen protectors on offer.

Here’s how to apply a screen protector:

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