QuadRooter is a set of four vulnerabilities affecting android security especially on devices which are using the Qualcomm chipset and associated driver code.



1. It’s a Qualcomm Thing Only-

Check Point ( The company which found this bug) targeted Qualcomm, so if use are on a device that is not using a Qualcomm chipset you are safe!

2. It’s Major but No Cases Reported Yet-

It could allow an app to gain root access. Attackers can listen in on your phone calls, spy through your camera, pilfer financial details or lock down your data with ransomware.

3. You Might Not Even be Vulnerable-

Google has confirmed that Verify Apps can detect and block QuadRooter. If you haven’t enabled unknown sources or are not using any other way of downloading apps other than google play you are safe!

4. Securing Everyone might be difficult-

Three out of four bugs have been fixed in the August 2016 update although one bug has not been fixed till now even though the disclosure happened in April. The bug is supposed to be fixed by September.

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