Nokia launches new smart phone making its comeback

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Nokia is back! They recently unveiled their new mid-range smartphone the Nokia 6. Although Nokia 6 has some good offerings, still brands like Xiaomi and Le Eco are offerings better price to performance ratio. Despite all this, more than a million people have registered to get their hands on the brand new Nokia 6.

Nokia 6

They were known to produce some of the most durable and trustworthy devices. Some poor decisions like opting for windows when everyone was moving towards android made their market presence very weak. Something that the world forget was Nokia had made some legendary phones in the past like Nokia 3310, 7250, 5510. The list is very long and interesting. Since then Nokia has recognized its mistakes and decided to bring some Android phones to its offerings. Till now they have got a good response. They are in a perfect time to gain their dominance back. The MWC is where They are planning to reveal three new smartphones. Somethings that the company should consider before launching their new smartphones price, people targeted, markets targeted and when to release(dates).

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