MacBook Pro 2016 Review

There are a lot of innovations crammed into Apple’s latest MacBook. A new retina display, a new force touch trackpad, a new keyboard that’s been redesigned to compensate for the device’s size. Apple cleverly stacked batteries for maximum space efficiency.


For the first time, Apple is offering the MacBook in space gray silver and gold. The same colors it offers in the iPhone and iPad lineup.The rest of the new MacBook’s features include, a 480p web camera for video calls that’s hidden in the center of the display’s black border; a stereo port on the right side; a backlit keyboard with ambient light sensor; Bluetooth 4; 802.11ac Wi-Fi; stereo speakers above the keyboard and dual microphones. This is a computer that makes the MacBook Air look huge.


The New Keyboard: A Disaster or A Blessing?

It is also surprising how rapidly I became used to the MacBook edge-to-edge keyboard, which had to be redesigned to match the device’s profile. The combination of short key travel, larger keys and the rigid behavior of key presses due to the new design really changes the feel of typing something not everyone will like. Rather than going with a conventional scissors mechanism for the keys, a brand new butterfly technique was invented that led to a shorter throw without the wobbly key journey that usually happens if you press the edge of a key while typing.

What’s up with the TrackPad?

Another redesigned element is the new Force Touch trackpad. The MacBook’s trackpad shares a similar aspect ratio to the display, but that’s not what makes this tech special. The trackpad available in the 13-in and 15-in MacBook Pro lineup is built around four force sensors that can detect how much pressure is applied this, in turn, can trigger different behaviors depending on which application is in use.


The latest MacBook Pro is really good at what it does but that just isn’t enough for me to justify its hefty price.

If you have any question or suggestion drop them down in the comments below. I’ll see you guys with another interesting tech soon.

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