Lifi- A Brother to Wifi? | What is Lifi? | Transfer Your Data at Speed of Light

Wi-Fi’s great but as any other technology, it has limitations.

WiFi faces Four major problems

  1. Interference issues:
    • From nearby access points(routers), making it difficult to place more routers in a small place.
    • Can not pass through sea water, so it can’t be used for communication under water.

  2. In WiFi, RF signal can not be blocked by the walls and hence need to employ techniques to achieve secure data transfer.
  3. Has only three frequency options:
    • 2.4Ghz
    • 4.9Ghz
    • 5Ghz
  4. It requires additional hardware to be installed.
Lifi can overcome these problems. But first what is Lifi?


According to Wikipedia, “Li-Fi is a bi-directional, high-speed and fully networked wireless communication technology similar to Wi-Fi. ” but that’s kind of difficult to understand for a normal person. So let’s break it down.

Lifi is the acronym for Light Fidelity(Similar to Wireless Fidelity in Wi-Fi). In LiFi data uses light as a medium to travel. So basically I’m saying your RGB Led Bulb can act as a router.


As light speed(29,97,92,458 m/s) is the fastest known to Human kind as of now(you never know we might find a speed greater than it someday), theoretically we should be able to transfer data at light speed. Also, Lifi doesn’t have any interference issues similar to Wi-Fi.

In LiFi, light is blocked by the walls and hence will provide more secure data transfers.

As smart home tech becomes more popular and its mass adoption begins we can leverage Lifi’s functionality of being able to work in highly dense environments and having a frequency spectrum 10,000x that of radio waves.

Lifi can have a range of around 10 meters and significantly reduces hardware cost and issues related to Wi-Fi.

The fact that you’ll be using your light bulbs to watch those crispy 8K MKBHD videos means you save on electricity bills.


Although by now you may be thinking lets through our routers and switch to Lifi. That might not be a good idea as First, It’s rarely available and Second, Lifi is not meant to replace Wi-Fi it’s there to complement it.

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