Gadgets Blogger India Ethical Guidelines And Policy


Gadgets Blogger India(GBI) obtains exclusive news and information that may be published on the website from time to time. Our sources may wish to remain anonymous, and as a policy we and all our employees, honour this request to not name the sources without any exception. As a general rule, we does not pay or compensate for news pieces. However, anyone may anonymously or knowingly submit information via the contact page, this communication is secure on both ends.


GBI has advertisements on the website and they are the main source of revenue. GBI has our own team for selling AD space on the website. GBI never have, nor will accept or request any forms of monetary compensation or incentive of any sort for writing or publishing of reviews on GBI or our Social Channels. All Reviews or any other editorial content on GBI is based at the discretion of the editorial staff and in no way by the desire of any company, advertiser or Public Relations Agency/firm. Advertisers don’t ask us to cover their products, and we don’t comment about their ads.

Any feature or area on GBI sponsored by a particular company or advertiser is marked clearly and visibly. From time to time GBI may contain affiliate marketing links, which means we may be paid commission on sales of those products or services we write about. Those links are generated independently and our content is not influenced by advertisers or affiliate partnerships.

Product and Selling

GBI do not sell any product of any company via the website or any of its social channels. We do not sell phones or any electronics. Although in future we might sell “GBI Gear” merchandize which may include but may not be limited to T-Shirts, mouse pads, stickers and stationary. Merchandise for GBI will be produced by third party companies.


From time to time we will host giveaways on the website or other social channels. The rules and guidelines for each of these are posted with each giveaway and are binding by law to each contestant who takes part in the giveaway. Giveaways or contests are not endorsements or recommendations for a particular product  or any company and should not be considered as one. Products in these Giveaways are purchased by us for the purposes of the giveaway, unless otherwise mentioned.

Personal Conflict

Any employee of GBI who has a partner, spouse or any other close relationship with an employee of a company which we cover will disclose the relationship in their personal bio on the site. Furthermore, the employee or contributor may not cover or publish news or any information on that company or its products on our website or any other social networks.

Review Devices, Gifts and Handouts

Companies may hand over devices to us or any of the editorial staff for the purposes of Reviews. However, GBI or our editors may determine whether or not to review these devices on GBI or any other social channel. We do not accept samples on preconditions, and accepting a sample is in no way a surety of a review being published on our website or any of our Social Channel. These devices are promptly returned to the companies in a stipulated period of time.

In certain cases these devices are handed to us under “embargo,” sometimes much before they are available commercially, in such a scenario we agree to not publish the review or information on the product till an agreed date. In most of the cases, however, we will  purchase products, not provided by companies, in order to publish reviews on the website and other social channels. In these cases the products are purchased and owned by us.

GBI or any employees of us does not accept free or discounted merchandise, anything that is handed out or sent with invites is either returned or made part of Giveaways. In cases where these gifts are converted to giveaways are completely independent from our editorial capacity, and in no way are incentive for us to write about a particular product or company.

GBI and our editorial team will not accept travel or accommodation in exchange for a review. Our writers or editors may from time to time attend launch events, logistics of which are managed by and paid for by us. ( In cases where this does not hold true will be clearly marked on the editorial, if published)

Our Equipment

GBI and all of our staff, use and deploy equipment that is fully purchased and owned by us, which includes but is not limited to smartphones, camera equipment, lights, tripods, editing equipment, laptops etc.

From time to time we may acquire on loan some equipment that may get shown in published material on the website or social channels.  Ownership or utilization of said equipment does not mean that we endorses or recommends the product or manufacturer/company of that product.


Each content piece written on our website is an expression, of the opinion and views of the individual writer. Any published content on GBI or it’s social networks are opinions of the individual writer or host and should not be considered as an opinion presented or endorsed by Gadgets Blogger India.

We hold the right to each and every content piece on our website, and may choose to not publish about or work with a particular brand/company/representative or public relations firm at our own discretion.

Since 2016, we have followed these rules and will continue to, for the foreseeable future. If you have any further questions about our ethics policy or guidelines you may reach out to us via the contact page.

In any circumstances any of the above rules are not met, we will disclose that information clearly and openly.