How An Indian Engineer Revolutionized Physical Therapy!

You’ve got to agree with me, traditional Physio Therapy is no fun. Divyanshu Varshney an Indian engineer recognized this flaw and came up with a brilliant idea Fizio.

Fizio is a software based rehabilitation platform that makes physical therapy fun and convenient for patients recovering from surgery or injury. The games are motivating and created for different pathologies in order to respond and adapt to patient’s needs.

Mr. Divyanshu Varshney Founder of Spiro Studios(Fizio’s Parent Company) has achieved a major breakthrough in the health tech industry by developing Fizio.

Varshney’s Story!

While he helped his father train people with computer typing, Varshney was fascinated by computers and their capabilities, his love for computers drove him towards meeting Mr. Roopam Sharma, an innovator himself. As Varshney describes meeting Mr. Sharma changed his perspective towards life.

The biggest problem with people is they underestimate themselves, but Varshney was different he dreamt big and worked hard to achieve his goals. He started his skill based learning.

How Varshney got the idea?

“It was during December 2016 that I while traveling on a two-wheeler with my friend Chhavnish met with a deadly accident and got my leg fractured. The recovery required physiotherapy rehabilitation care and we lacked of personal financial resources to afford such care.”


He added “Chhavnish, the more unfortunate one among us, due to lack of physiotherapy services, developed a serious condition and had to undergo a surgery and has till date never been able to fully recover back.”

“I discussed this problem with Roopam who suggested me to solve this problem. I then started to visit physiotherapy clinics in my neighborhood figure out that the services are less than optimal or simply do not exist. Hence, Fizio was born.”

Could physiotherapy be any fun? Certainly yes, if you gamify it.

Fizio uses simple games to make exercising fun. It uses Microsoft’s Kinect sensor to scan motion, the data is then sent to the server which processes it and offers a detailed analyzed report on Fizio Dashboard.

Due to Fizio’s virtual nature, it can also be used as a platform to connect with Doctors and other people.

Varshney says his aim with Spiro Studios is to solve more problems that people are facing.

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