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Welcome to GadgetsBloggerIndia(GBI) – A community of tech maniacs.

Here is what you’ll find on Gadgets Blogger India:
-95% teaching about technologies the other 5% is for jokes, personal stories, and experiences.
-Overviews and In-depth reviews.
-A community of like-minded people who Geek it all out in the comments about technologies, gadgets, and decisions made by tech giants.
-How to’s.

We here at Gadgets Blogger India love to rant about products and technologies.

We post a new blog story every week.

I bought the domain gadgetsbloggerindia.com on August 19, 2016.

Something that started out of pure fun turned out to be the best decision of my life. In The last few months Gadgets Blogger India has become more than just a popular blog.

This blog’s popularity is because of the honest and sometimes little harsh reviews.

This community has helped thousands of people understand about technologies.

This website aims at providing quality reviews which help you with your choices be it any gadget. We also love to share our knowledge with you be it technical terms or what’s trending in the industry of technology.

This is the perfect place for all your geek talks.

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For other purposes: [email protected]

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This one’s interesting, I had never ever planned to start a YouTube Channel. I started making videos, edited and posted them. It was just a suggestion from a close friend. To my surprise, it got a positive feedback and grew exponentially. You can finds videos on almost every topic related to tech. Looking forward to your support as always.

My Story

Hi! I’m Vishrant Khanna, the man behind the keyboard.

I’m an excellent communicator, fast, clever and curious mind, have thirst for knowledge and desire to share it with others. I tend to be highly enthusiastic, impulsive and objective.

I completed my primary education at Eicher School in 2016 and am currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering with specialization in Cyber Security and Forensics.

Vishrant Khanna, Founder Gadgets Blogger India and Adhunick
Prior to professional blogging, I used to spend hours on the internet learning from the best. One of the turning points of my life was when I decided to start this blog. I started blogging just to get away from the tension of my high school result but is continued because of pure passion.

I started my journey with Weebly and shifted to WordPress in six months. There was a phase when I was confused between Weebly and WordPress.

I found blogging to be a great medium for sharing my knowledge with others. It didn’t take me long to realize blogs can earn. Blogging gave me the opportunity to be my own boss. This was the time when I started loving my work and writing regularly.

I wanted to help people understand technology and that is how Gadgets Blogger India was born.

Blogging has given me so much more than money. It gave me a new found confidence that I didn’t know existed within me. Today I live a life of a digital nomad.

I used to be an introvert but now I can speak in front of hundreds of people.

When I’m not nerding around, you can find me on social platforms.

But to keep myself sane in this busy schedule of college and work I like to read.

So that was all about me!

Here at Gadgets Blogger India, I share everything I know about technology, review products and sometimes even review decisions made by tech giants.

I often rant about my success and failures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

All my campaigns run under the parent name K Media.

In conclusion, I can say I’m just an average person, but with extraordinary dreams and this is one of my very prestigious creations.

Hope on and see me progress through the years.

Want to work together? I’d love to hear from you.